Hosted Phone Systems and VoIP

Cloud Hosted PBX Features

  • Flexible phone and handset options
  • Work from the Office or from Home
  • Port and keep critical phone numbers
  • Ring Groups and Call Queues
  • Automated Attendant options
  • Call Hold, Transfer, and Diversions
  • Flexible Voicemail
  • Only requires reliable internet

Voice over Internet Protocol aka 'VoIP' is the delivery of digital voice communications and services over the internet. It has replaced many older analogue technologies and copper lines to become the industry preferred telecommunications protocol delivered over the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Cloud Hosted Phone Systems also offer additional flexibility in easily allowing multi-site voice connectivity as well as hotdesking and the ability to easily work from home.  All that is required is a reliable internet connection and to simply take your handset with you!

A Cloud Hosted Phone System can also retain your critical advertised phone numbers by porting them over to the service allowing for a streamlined upgrade process from older analogue phone systems with minimal interruption!

Our tailored call plans and maintenance packages can help keep your voice infrastructure operating efficiently with coverage possible for system issues, as well as programming changes or implementation of the many fantastic features that our Cloud Hosted Phone Systems have to offer. 

At Byte-Wise IT Solutions, our technicians will help you find the right phone system to match the size and type of your business. Our options are flexible and affordable with your specific needs in mind.

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