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Break-Fix or Managed Services

Whichever you choose, we have the Cost Effective Options to Keep Your IT Systems Running Smoothly!

Byte-Wise IT offers you two choices when it comes to maintaining your network. You can select the traditional ‘break / fix’ plan or a managed services plan. With either of these choices, Byte-Wise IT grants you piece of mind, enhanced efficiency, and support from qualified IT professionals. Byte-Wise IT kicks off both plans with a comprehensive IT systems health check. This allows you to see where any immediate as well as upcoming issues with your IT system’s performance. Byte-Wise IT is committed to providing service that can’t be beat.

The break / fix repair agreement is pretty straight forward and what most people think of when they think of tech support. When you have an issue with a single machine or the entire network, give us a call or send us an email, and one of our IT support professionals will help you out straight away. While many issues may be able to be resolved remotely, our technicians will also make onsite visits either when necessary or requested. This arrangement is comfortable for most businesses, but best suited for those that do not have Mission Critical systems.

For more information on traditional IT support from Byte-Wise IT, give us a call or send us an email by clicking here.

Byte-Wise IT’s Managed Services provide round the clock monitoring of your entire network. This option provides a huge savings for those companies that would benefit from the dedication and availability of their own full time technical support staff. Rather than paying the wages and benefits for a team to keep you up and running when you need it most, get the same from Byte-Wise IT for one reasonable monthly fee. Our managed services plan works in a proactive manner—we keep an eye on your system throughout the day and night all year round. If & when problems arise, we are here to get you back on track as quickly as possible. Most maintenance and services are provided through remote methods with Byte-Wise IT’s managed services plan.

More Reasons to Subscribe to Byte-Wise IT’s Managed Services Plan:

  • Increases Productivity
  • Enhanced Computer & Network Performance
  • Increased Network Uptime
  • Enhanced Network Security
  • Significantly Reduces the Chance of Network Issues
  • If & When Problems Arise, Solutions are Instant
  • Greatly Reduces Overall IT Support Costs
  • Measurable Results & Reporting
  • No Need to Employ a Full IT Staff In-House
  • One Reasonable Monthly Fee

To find out more about Byte-Wise IT’s Managed Services give us a call or click here to email us.